Loxone (already one of our favourite brands!) have released a great new way to simply wire your smart home: Loxone Tree

Instead of relying on multiple cables around the house (for example: one for your light switch, another for the temperature sensor, yet another for the PIR, and one for the heating valve) each part of the system can now be connected via a single 4-core cable.

With the Tree extension you can simply run a single CAT6 or CAT7 cable to each room of the house, or even one per floor and simply daisy-chain each device as you require. Currently their Tree enabled products include PIRs, heating valves and their excellent Touch switch which has temperature & humidity sensors built in, negating the need for even more little boxes stuck on your wall.

Loxone claim up to an 80% reduction in cables and whilst that figure will vary greatly from project to project we can see excellent value in this system and we look forward to implementing it in future projects.


Loxone Tree System