Jung are currently one of our favourite brands. German manufactured high quality components  and excellent pre- & post-sales support means equipment that works to a very high standard.

As a lot of our projects are KNX based, Jung is a natural fit. Their wide range of sensors, switches and dimmers work extremely well and a large range of finishes means that they can blend in with any decor.

We usually use their F50 switches that have temperature sensors integrated, which helps to cut down on the number of of switches and sensors each room needs to have. (Often referred to as “wall acne”) As the buttons can be programmed to operate any part of the control system, each room can be bespoke. You can control light scenes, heating, blinds, music and security. Even an All-Off scene at the front door that turns off all lights in the house, lowers the temperature by a few degrees, closes blinds and even sets the alarm.

With their design tool, switches can be customised however you want: Have functional icons displaying what the buttons do or even add company logos or artwork to the switches.