Smart Home & Audio Visual Systems To simplify your life! Smart Switches Control Lights, Heating, Blinds, Music and Much More! Control Your Home From Anywhere in the world SET LIGHT SCENES THROUGHOUT YOUR HOME


KNX is the foundation for all applications within home automation including control of lighting, heating, air conditioning & ventilation, blinds & shutters, audio & video as well as operation & visualisation.

KNX can provide centralised control of lighting in the house and garden. Different lighting scenarios can be implemented in different zones including the inclusion of presence detectors, dimmers and other controls to help ensure energy efficiency and security.

The control of blinds and shutters with KNX allows the maximisation of natural daylight and judicious use of artificial lighting sources within the home. Facade management not only effectively controls the timed use of blinds & shutters, but also takes into consideration factors such as a building’s orientation and geographical location to maximise energy efficiency.

Using KNX for heating, ventilation and air conditioning control, will optimise energy needs in accordance with a room’s usage or the requirements of the inhabitants. Windows can be opened and closed automatically according to requirements, whilst ventilation systems can be made to reacts to the presence of people in the room and automatically switch off when not required.

For security, KNX can be used to simulate the occupation of a building through timer controlled lighting and blinds. Potential break-ins can be deterred by switching on the home’s entire lighting system. KNX can report open or broken windows and doors, whilst KNX controlled cameras can be set at gates and entrances.

As a lifestyle benefit, KNX can remotely control music from everywhere within the house and within every room, linking proprietary systems through a KNX interface to other areas of KNX home automation.

Operating and visualising the use of KNX technology within the home can be through conveniently located wall mounted displays. Remote operation and control of appliances can be undertaken using IP protocol via smart phones, tablets and PCs.

There are 1000s of KNX future-proofed, certified products available in the home automation arena. Their interoperability and compatibility with other devices now and in the future is guaranteed.